Project Hallway

I am not really sure you can even call it a hallway.  It is more like a small room of doors.  Within this little room is a door to the kitchen, the bathroom, and two bedroom doors.  The one area of wall actually houses a couple of storage drawers and a linens cabinet.  The lighting is limited at best so we have always had a floor lamp in the corner.  In addition to the lack of character in this area of the home, we had covered a non-functioning attic fan in an effort to be more energy efficient. 

What we had was an eyesore.

The man of the house, feeling pinteresting, deciding to do something about the problem.

  • He built a “window” that he covered with sticky paper that made the Plexiglas look frosted.
  • He then hung this “window” from the ceiling.  I believe he used zip-ties to do this. This step hid the eyesore of the order attic fan.
  • He then attached various fabrics to the wall, and draped them to the window, adding some dimension and a little whimsy to the box.  I doubt he was thinking about whimsy when he did this but I thought it sound good.

Again, I am terrible about taking pictures before or during the process, I was too busy trying to protect myself form the first window that fell on us.  Note: do not use a large frame as they are not secure enough.

2 thoughts on “Project Hallway

  1. Eric! Thanks for stopping by. I did not know you had a blog…it is now on my reading list. Thanks for adding me to the list; someone has to get the hermit out of the house:)

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